Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A little less Wisdom...

I'm failing on my blogging for the week! I guess I semi have an excuse as I got all four of my wisdom teeth out on Monday.

Matt took this wonderful photo of me as I was coming out of surgery...

I decided to go for full sedation... It was my first time being put under and I'm so happy that I went that route... because I woke up 20 minutes later and the whole thing was DONE!

The recovery hasn't been too bad... In fact, I even went to work for five hours yesterday (we had a few big meetings that I was required to attend). But you better believe that I spent ALL of the first day in bed looking a sexy fool with ice packs in the sleeves of my running shirt ;-)

So sexy! But really.... I had minimal swelling and now between my recovery from this and my ability to birth children naturally Matt thinks that I have some super human healing power.  I WISH!
I'll be back later to share some recipes from my marathon of Crock-pot cooking that I did over the weekend!

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