Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Simplify 101: January 2015 - Recap

Where the heck did this month go???

It was a great one but it went by WAY too fast! The Highlights were:
  • A GREAT Trip to Savannah to visit both family & friends.
  • A fun, yet exhausting, Freezer Stock Up Party with two good friends.
  • Gibson Turned 10 Months
  • My obsession with Plated and LeTote continues
  • Emma has decided that she would like to start crafting and we are looking forward to a year of projects!
  • I had my last day at Joint Staff, sadly, and am looking forward to finding out what is next.
  • Matt's Mom and Greg came for a visit!
Now on the goal front... I would say that I did okay-ish...

  • Set Goals for 2015 - DONE and shared here. Happy to say that with 1/12th of the year behind me I'm still on track... haha
  • File Folder Organization Station - I created a mini file station and have files for each member of my family, PTA items, Budget, Recipes to try, big to-do items/odds and ends, Bathroom file for the master remodel, and Home redesign items.
  • Take down Holiday Decorations & Store - Done and done... this was not a fun process but it is complete! Why is it so much fun to put the decorations up and so miserable to put them all away??? Admittedly, I finished storing the boxes just last night so it did seep into February.
  • Put away new items received as gifts- DONE. Everything has found their new home in the Park Household... well except for a few office items that will go in my new home office... once I give Gibson the boot to Hunter's room :-) HINT HINT on things to come.
  • Create a Calendar for 2015- I downloaded a free printable calendar and I daily make updates in Adobe. So far the format is working for me and I hope that my organization continues through the year!
  • Thank you notes for Holiday Gifts: Notes were written and will be dropped in the mail today
  • Decluttered Attic: Didn't get to the basement or laundry room but the Attic is looking good at the moment. Through better organization I also have a ton of open space to move a few items from the basement up there... like maternity clothes that I do NOT plan to need for a while.
  • Organize Greeting Cards received: I always save the Photo Holiday Cards that we get and I bundle them together so that I can look back and see how my family and friends change over the years. One of my favorite things to do is to look back and see the growth!
  • Let go of something weighing me down - Didn't do the birth certificate for Hunter but I DID change my name with all of my 401K companies so that I can start the process of rolling them over to one company!
  • Took a Trip to Savannah: It was so nice visiting with family and friends! I took all the kiddos down with me and they had a BLAST! In an ideal world Matt and I could work remotely and spend the school year in Savannah and Summers In Traverse City! A girl can dream right?
  • Craft Project with Emma: Emma made her PopPop a duct Tape toiletry pouch to take on his work trips (he travels a lot!) She is also helping to make him a lens case for one of his new camera lenses.
  • Host a Freezer Stock Up party: I had two girl friends over in January and we cooked for FIVE HOURS! I plan to do a post soon so I can give you the full run down... For now let's just leave it at INTENSE!!
Maybe next Month...
  • Organize Photos: I am the worst about this... I just need to pull a bunch of stuff off my phone and camera.
  • Organize Landry Room and Basement
  • Post Item on EBay:  my goal for the month was 30 and I only ended the month with 10 new listings.
  • Clean out the car an organize: between the three kiddos and the trip to Savannah my van needs a deep clean even more now!
I'll be back tomorrow with my goals for February!

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