Friday, February 13, 2015

I Dig You!

I am in love with Hunter's Valentine's! I decided that the "I DIG YOU" valentine that is all over Pinterest would be perfect for our little guy this year!

So I took to Amazon and found toy plastic shovels! I found heart bags at the Dollar Tree and Candy was on-sale at CVS... Many of the "I Dig you" Valentine's have candy that is not individually wrapped but I went with a different method. I did individually packaged mini M-and-Ms and individually wrapped Reese's hearts. I did that so that Hunter could help to assemble the Valentine's... they are from him after all and I didn't think that people would appreciate his fingers all over their candy!

Last Sunday I sat out all of the materials... Hunter was SOOO excited about the assembly.

I would put a shovel into a bag and I would ask Hunter to hand me the candies. It was a great lesson in counting and colors...
Here is what went into each bag 
I tied the bags with bakers twine or red ribbon...

I made little labels in power point which say "I Dig you" and I tied them to the bags!  
So excited for my little guy! He is really looking forward to his party at school today!


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