Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Merge: A Place to Lay their Heads

I have been drooling over the blue Jenny Lind bed from land of Nod for years... Always picturing it in a room for our boys but at $599 each I knew that it was never going to happen... Sad face here...

I mean spending $1200 for two bed frames not even counting mattresses and bedding... dude that is over my budget for the whole room!!!

So last week, on a whim, I decided to look at Target! BAM! They had a Teal Jenny Lind headboard!

With the current promotion and my Target Card discount it would come out to $280 for TWO!!! And FREE shipping! Even though Hunter will be the only one in a twin bed for now I want to go ahead and buy two so that we will have the exact match for Gibson once he is older.

With this option we would still need to purchase the metal twin frame to screw into the headboard and it doesn't come with a baseboard... which I'm okay with...

I also like that this goes with the fabrics that we currently have in that room..

I'm not looking to make too much of a change all at once!

I need to purchase some more of the diamond fabric (for a bed skirt) and I want to find a simple Ivory duvet with a Green blanket to fold over the bottom of the bed.  I think it would pull everything together nicely!

Gibson will stay in the round crib but the bedding will be switched back to Hunter's fabric. Here is a look back on what that looks like...

The headboards came in yesterday and now I need to get the twin mattress, frame and bedding.

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