Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gibson at 11 Months

How is it possible that we only have one more month in Gibson's first year????

This Month Gibson...
  • Can pull himself all the way up. Will scoot to the nearest table and immediately goes into a standing position.
  • Will start to take a few steps when holding our fingers
  • Favorite foods are raspberries, avocado, and broccoli... seems to HATE bread (is this my child???)
  • Climbs up the steps and instantly makes a beeline for Emma's room. He cannot get down steps yet so we are always right next to him
  • Will crawl sometimes... mostly he still prefers to scoot.
  • Had a play date with friends  
  • Is now classified as thriving! We are so thankful for this one... for a while it was believed that he might have Williams Syndrome and we feel so blessed that  it no longer looks to be that. Gibson is gaining properly with the extra calories given and the thought is that he just has an extreme metabolism... and we can work with that! We will go to the metabolic specialist in April to find out next steps.
  • Remains a champion sleeper. He is catching Zzzzzs from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.
  • He had a great little photo session in preparation for his first birthday and the photos came out amazing! Here is a sneak peak (I used this photo as a Save the Date for his first Birthday Party)

And a few more photos from the month

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