Friday, February 13, 2015

Emma's Valentine's... or not...

So.... We had a great plan to turn one of Emma's monthly craft projects into her Valentine's to hand out at school.

We decided on the cute hand warmers because a majority of her friends are school patrols and we through that these would help to keep their hands nice and toasty on cold mornings.

About a month ago Emma had picked out this fun deer head fabric from Spoonflower and ordered 1 yard. We were going to need to make 25 sets of the hand warmers and I wanted to cut them 3.5x3.5...

Once the fabric came in we got to cutting.... We cut out 100 squares!
And at this point we put the project off until the night before Valentine's Day... of course! Big mistake!
Emma came home from school and was ready to get her sewing on... This was her first time using the sewing machine and spoiler alert it was a fail.
My machine is now broken and I will need to take the base of it off in order to fix the snag. So in sad news Emma's Dad had to take her to get store-bought Valentine's.. THE HORROR!
But in good news we did manage to make one Full set of hand warmers... Emma packaged them up for her teacher!
Over the weekend I'm going to take some time to fix the machine and Emma will make the rest because she still wants all of her friends to get them!

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