Friday, September 4, 2015

Favorite Things Friday

Full disclosure I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to have a little baby girl. When pregnant with the boys I wanted boys but now I'm declaring my desire for a little girl... and NO I'm not preggers I'm just putting it out there into the universe. I also am putting it out there that I want this room for my baby girl... Rachel Elizabeth you are welcome to come to my home and design my room if/when we have a girl.

After seeing this easy DIY Ice Cream Bar I'm wishing that I had added this to my (I mean OUR) Summer Bucket List! maybe we will need to incorporate this into Hunter's Third Birthday Party! Love that they used muffin pans for the toppings and I like the easy Waffle Bowls!

I love this Mason Jar Pineapple gift. Emma will have a ton of teachers this year and this is a perfect inexpensive treat for her to make and take in. Also side note... I had never heard of Plutonium Spray Paint until reading this post but now I have bought some and cannot wait to try it out! You know I love some spray paint!

Yes please! Get me one of everything in this bathroom! Just looking at this makes me feel more at peace!

I'm about 100% over my fireplace... maybe this will be something that I tackle the next time that Matt goes out of town.

Loving this office and I'm thinking about doing something similar in my space. I've been trying to find inspiration and it has been lacking! I'm going to do a white file cabinet with gold hardware though.

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