Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday... August Edition

Fully aware that it is no longer August but I wanted to still do an August Throwback... so here you go!

August 2009...
Looking back at all of the cooking that I was doing in my first year blogging makes me hungry and it is a great reminder of some of the yummy recipes that I made from Fast, Easy, Fresh. I did start this as a cooking blog after all! By August of 2009 I had already cooked 200 recipes... and that was only in TWO months! Crazy town!

August 2010...
We had found the home that we wanted to buy and completed our disastrous home inspection! Nothing like having a tree fall and total two vehicles during an inspection! Luckily we didn't take it as a bad sign and we purchased our home!

We took a trip to Savannah to meet William Fleming... He isn't so little any more!

This is also the month that Emma came to us with the desire for a loft bed in the new house... Spoiler alert... this is still in pieces in our garage.

August 2011...
Didn't blog too much this month but I did get around to sharing a few photos of Matt getting ready for our wedding... What a cutie!

August 2012...
Sophie, our dog, had joined our family in the last trimester of my pregnancy with Hunter and we were in full baby planning mode but also loving our puppy! Here matt is practicing the moby wrap on Sophie.

I was ready to POP! this was a photo from mid-August.

August 2013...
Hunter was 11 months old

Emma completed her third year at Camp Winshape

and we didn't know it yet but this is really a photo of all three kiddos... Gibson was already in my belly!

August 2014...
Fast forward another year and Gibson was already 5 months old!

and Hunter was adapting well to being a big brother! Hunter is 23 months in this photo...

In an effort to streamline our lives we tried out Amazon Pantry for the first time and LOVED IT! Game changer

I gave my nephew, William, an updated room... and almost had a heart attack after spilling a gallon of blue pain on the carpet!

Crazy town! Love looking back at the last few years that I had this blog. Time has just flown by and changes sooo much each and every year! We are truly so blessed!

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