Saturday, September 26, 2015

Soccer + Creek +Love + Kings Dominion = Awesome Weekend

While the boys are napping I took the chance to edit a few photos from last weekend. Last weekend was crazy busy but full of some really great moments!

Emma had an early morning soccer game so I let the guys all sleep in and I went to the game alone... was nice to have some quite time to sit, drink my coffee and really watch the game! Usually I'm running around after the kiddos and only able to half focus on the game.

After the game Emma's friend came over and we hung out at the creek by the house. 

Literally 15 minutes after climbing out of the creek with the kiddos my mom was picking up the kids for the night and Matt and I were heading down to D.C. to celebrate the engagement of Tory and Scott! Tory was a former co-worker and I LOVE HER!!! So excited for these two!

The next day we were up bright and early to take Emma, her friend Julia, and Hunter to Kings Dominion!


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