Monday, March 25, 2013

30 before 30 Update

Thirty by Thirty UPDATE

The last time I updated this list was OVER a year ago... and while A LOT has happened in my life... not too much has been crossed off.
Also, I have to say that my priorities have changed since originally coming up with this list a few years ago... 
Here is my update.

Here is my Thirty by Thirty

1. Get Married Married the most wonderful man January 29, 2011
2. Become a Home Owner - Matt and I bought a home in Alexandria September 17, 2010
3. Take Emma to Disney World -  We took Emma to Disney November 2011 and had a BLAST!
4. Go Scuba Diving... asked for a scuba class for my birthday... we will see what happens with that
5. Become a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)
6. Go on a Winery Tour - Traverse City Old Mission Wine Tour
7. Get a Dog We have beautiful Sophie in our lives! 
8. Take a Cooking Class
9. Run a 5K- Signed up for Run or Dye in June with Emma and some friends!
10. Plant a Vegetable Garden - Currently looking to start this in the spring!
11. Take a Photography Class
12. Spend a Minimum of 4 days Hiking and Camping with Matt
13. Take Emma Camping
14. Cook a Full Thanksgiving Dinner - Done and Done... Thanksgiving 2012

15. Do a Family Photo Session and use the Picture for a Photo Holiday Card- Done Christmas 2012

16. Go to Europe with Matt
17. Take Dance Lessons - Took a Hip hop class... hated it
18. Give up Fruit SnacksGave them up while preggers with Hunter. But now I buy the Simply Fruit Ones... Matt says that is good enough. 
19. Take a Family Vacation with another Family
20. Enlarge a Photograph that I’ve Taken and display as artwork in my home
21. Become a Government Employee
22. Find a cheap and hideous piece of furniture to refinish/reupholster and make it BEAUTIFUL - I've done this!!! Cannot wait to share... Saving for a post about Emma's room.
23. Create a Fitness Goal and stick to it- worked out with a trainer before my wedding
24. Redesign and decorate an entire home… on a budget - work in progress
25. Get my Event Planning Business up and running
26. Become active in the PTA
27. Give Emma a brother or sister - Hunter Matthew Park was born September 12, 2012

28. Become organized enough to scrapbook
29. Cook at home for a full Month... another SUPER Hard one
30. Go two months without buying clothes - I did this right before my wedding but up until a week ago I had actually gone 4 months without buying anything new for myself... I've just been enjoying my already owned pre-pregnancy clothes too much :)

so I have 14 more items on my list... granted a few are about to be crossed off in the coming months... but that is not a very good track record! 

Here are the ones that I KNOW I'm not going to accomplish... and I'm really okay with that...
  • Go to Europe with Matt - Not doing this in the next year and three months... 
  • Become a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) - Yeah also probably not going to happen.
  • Become organized enough to scrapbook - Do not want to scrapbook anymore. Will do photo books...

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  1. So are you 30 now? :-)
    (My birthday was yeserday)
    I hope you can go to Europe. That is a goal of mine too.
    Perhaps we can join in a wine tour with you guys when you visit the area again!
    Hugs, Liz