Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monthly Goals: August

Time is just flying by! Before we know it school will be back in session. Here are a few goals that I hope to accomplish this month!

  1. Loose 5 lbs... Still trying to get down to the pre-pregnancy weight.
  2. RUN... Matt just bought me some new running shoes and I signed up for a 5 mile race in September so I really need to get focused on this. Matt has decided that he will also start running with me (because I need accountability!) I like that this is going to be our family time 3 times a week! Matt will push the double stroller and Emma will ride her bike or run along with us.
  3. Move furniture around in Gibson's Room... Want to get this done and photos taken so that I can officially take this one off my list. Cannot wait to share all in a future post because I'm really happy with how this room turned out!
  4. Sell at least $300 worth of items on eBay... I am actually doing really well with my eBay selling and I'm going to keep track of EVERYTHING that I do this month so that I can do a post about it. I'm also so happy to be clearing out a lot of Emma's old items.
  5. Create a reading nook in the playroom
  6. Touch-up paint in the house
  7. Create a homework station for back-to school... Shared some ideas HERE
  8. Backpack for Hunter... I am going to ATTEMPT  to sew a toddler backpack for Hunter. I found an amazing one on etsy but the shop is closed until October... Found this pattern so wish me luck!
  9. Organize Hunter's Clothes... I need to pull out all of his 2T clothes and see what is needed and switch out items that he has outgrown.
  10. Trip to Savannah... To help out family. I was going to leave Gibson behind with Matt but with the weight issues I've changed my flight reservation to infant-on-lap. This mommy cannot leave her little man for 4 nights!

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