Monday, August 18, 2014

Hunter at 23 months

Oh my goodness Hunter will be TWO in under a month!!!! How is this even possible? I'm in major mommy denial and time needs to SLOW down!!!

This has been a really exciting month even in the last week Hunter has just been developing at warp speed!

At 23 Months Hunter...
  • Learned how to open the door to his room... Matt found this out at 3 a.m. when there was a little visitor by his bed. (I was out of town)
  • Vocabulary tripled
  • Now walks up and down steps without having to hold on to anything.
  • Can throw a ball with much more accuracy and loves to catch
  • Loves to spin in circles
  • Will play fetch with Sophie
  • Will sit and play with his Mega Blocks and Legos for a good hour just building up and taking apart
  • Is becoming a little better about eating more.
  • Loves to be tickled and thrown in the air
  • Is such a GREAT big brother! When Gibson is taking a nap he will run all around the house telling everyone to "SHHHHH"
  • Had his first experience with Juice... He is obsessed with the Naked "Green juice" Which is good for him and we have been making fresh juices...
  • Likes to say his ABC's (we say a letter and he will repeat it) The only letter we have a hard time saying is M
  • Loves to parrot... we say a word and he will repeat it back.
  • Love to put on shoes!

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