Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gibson at 5 Months

Gibson turned 5 months on Monday and he is just continuing to develop and gain such a great personality.
Weight wise we are still not doing well... After weekly weight checks with a nurse and a check-up with our AMAZING doctor yesterday we are now moving forward with some testing and and going forward a weekly check with the doctor so that things can be closely monitored. First step is to determine how much he eats on a daily basis so it will be bottles only for our little man for the next three days.

Here are some highlights from the month..

  • Continues to sleep through the night
  • Likes to stand but WILL NOT jump. Hates the Jumper-roo
  • Went down to Georgia and helped mommy paint a room...
  • Can now role in both directions! Such a strong guy
  • Scoots all around his crib
  • Likes to laugh at his big brother and big sister
  • Continues to sleep through the night


Here is a look back at the last few months:

3 Months
2 Months
1 Month

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