Friday, August 1, 2014

Favorite Things Friday - Back to School Edition

While we still, THANKFULLY, have a month before school is back in session I have a lot of friends and family that are already gearing up for a new school year... So in a nod to them and in an effort to organize my own family ahead of time I decided to do a round-up of my favorite back to school items in the blog world!

This year Emma will be entering 5th GRADE!! How is this even possible??? Hunter will also make his academic debut in Pre-school. (for a few hours a few days a week)

This is an adorable Teacher Survival Kit. Would be a cute gift for their teachers. I will also give some home-made cookies and a card made by each of the kiddos.

Emma is easy for lunch... Just pack her a ham and cheese sub and you have a happy girl... but Hunter is a TOTALLY different story... The boy HATES sandwiches. He even pulls apart his grilled chesse! I found these Healthy School Lunch Ideas and I cannot wait to make a few. I especially think that he will be a fan of the DIY Lunchables.

I leave for work before Emma gets up in the mornings and often when I pick her up from school I find myself exclaiming... "What are you wearing!!!" With two kiddos in school this year I plan on making these Day of the week clothing hangers and picking out clothes on Sunday.

I will need to get a cute little toddler backpack for Hunter and I REALLY want to get this Dump truck one from etsy... but the shop owner is taking a break until October :-( I'm tempted to just get a generic one and order this the second her shop opens back up! It looks to be really well made. Or maybe I will try to make one...
This year I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do the annual Back to school Interview and Photo
And finally one of my goals for the month of August is to create a homework station... Last year we STRUGGLED with Emma when it came to completing homework. The girl pretended that a whole subject didn't even exist and I had no clue because she did such a good job at hiding it... Lat's just say she was NOT a fan of all of the make-up work we made her do once we discovered that she had gone two semesters without doing ANYTHING for that one subject... This is NOT a problem that we will be having this year!
I love this station from House of Smiths and I plan to steal a few of their ideas!

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