Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

I was SOOOO excited to see a lovely Stitch Fix box when I got home yesterday from work!

I instantly ripped that sucker open to reveal all of the lovely items inside! Can you believe that I actually waited four WHOLE HOURS to try anything on??? That is some self control people! But I was under strict instruction from Emma to wait until she was there to provide "input"...

I always love to see how they have the items styled and I like that they have both a dress-up and dress-down option.

I also enjoy reading my note to see why certain items are picked... For this order I had requested not to receive anymore jeans and I was happy to see that they honored that request.

And now for the good stuff... sorry for the HORRIBLE lighting. I took the photos at night because I had to wait for Emma.

Cropped pants and navy/white dot blouse
I love the feel of the pants... they are SUPER soft but EXPENSIVE! A little on the fence about the blouse.

Cropped Paints (again) and White cotton cardigan  
The cardigan is SOOOO soft and I want to wear it forever!

Navy/White Dot top with some ORANGE paints that I already own
Emma was NOT a fan of this look and I'm still on the fence with the top

Jace Dot Dress
The details don't show up very well in these photos but the dress is black with a cute teal dot detail. Spoiler alert I'm wearing the dress now... so safe to say I'm keeping it.

Chevron Print Dress
Matt was not a fan of this look... I thought that it was okay and looked better once I added a skinny gold belt.


Blue/white Blouse: $48
Capri Pants: $108
White Cotton Cardigan: $54
Jace Dot Dress: $68
Chevron Dress: $58

TOTAL: $336

If I were to buy everything I get a 25% discount. So with the discount and minus the $20 styling fee my total would be $237

This is the first month that I'm really tempted to buy everything... If I do not buy everything I think I would only by the Jace dress and cardigan which would come to $102 with the styling fee already subtracted. 
Want to try Stitch Fix??? I highly recommend Here is some additional Info

Also, I was not the only one to get some new duds yesterday!!! Hunter and Gibson both had a package from Old Navy!

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