Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Savannah Visit: William's room

Two weekends ago I visited Savannah to help out my Sister-in-law. In addition to cooking some meals I also wanted to take on a painting project. We decided that I would paint my nephews room during this visit and that I would pain my nieces room in September...
Sadly, I failed in the before photo department. After moving the furniture I remembered to snap a few photos though... The room was just plain Jane off-white... the house is also a rental so there were random smudges all around the room that I was happy to get rid of...


We went with Glidden paint that was color matched to Martha Stewart Hydrangea (eggshell/low luster)

And here are the after photos...

And let me just say that this was not done without some obstacles... During the cutting-in process a slip off the step-stool had this as the end result...
YUP the entire gallon of paint spilled... this photo was taken AFTER I had gotten up a majority of the paint and already made the call to a PROFESSIONAL! My first call though was to my girl Virginia as I was FREAKING OUT!!! She was quick to turn to google and provide me with some direction!
Public Service Announcement: If you Spill paint on a carpet... pick up all access paint as quickly as possible, CALL A PROFESSIONAL, keep the edges wet so that it does not dry and all paint can come up... again with the help of a PROFESSIONAL!!!
I called Genesis Carpet Care (in Savannah, GA) and they were AMAZING! The owner came out right away and with a lot of work the carpet now looks like this! A million times better. You can still see a faint outline of the stain but again a million times better. THANK YOU!!! They were also really competitively priced. I HIGHLY recommend

My Sister-in-law was such a sweetie when I revealed the tribulations of the day. (Tribulations may sound like a strong word but believe me... I almost had a heart attack!) Everyone was happy though with the end result in the room.
To end on a good note here is the after again!

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