Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hunter's 3rd Birthday Party!!! REPTILES

For Hunter's third birthday party we settled on a reptile theme and boy did he LOVE it!

Most of the food was located in our dining room

Complete with an Alligator piñata to watch over the food. the Alligator was perched on a branch from our yard that I tied up with twine.

Some food highlights would be the amazing Watermelon turtle that my dad carved. I placed him on some graham cracker and Oreo crumbs so that it looks like the beach. Complete with chocolate rocks

These adorable grape and strawberry snakes. By the start of the party the eyes had melted a bit (they were icing)... The snakes were arranged on a wood slice.

a snake sub

Smashed lizards (guacamole)

Bug Wings

as well as other fruits and nuggets from, the always yummy, chick-fil-a...

The centerpiece of the food table was the birthday cake.

The cake was purchased from a local bakery. I just asked for a yellow triple layer cake with chocolate frosting... VERY plain. I added the chocolate rocks and a little plastic frog to personalize it for the event.

We also had a dessert table... Hunter made the decorations

There were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (store-bought) and I simply added mini plastic frogs and turtles to the top.

here is a better close-up

We had worms and dirt... on another wood slice

Lizard tails

Snake brownies... on some graham cracker crumbs

Love the banner that matched our invitation for the event!

As the little guests arrived they had a blast playing on the jumper...

and once all the kiddos arrived we headed down to our basement for a reptile show... I wish that It hadn't rained all morning and that we could have done the show outdoors but it all worked out in the end.

I loved that Reptiles Alive made the show so interactive!

Hunter would NOT touch the big snake!

At the end of the show they made Hunter an honorary Reptile Ranger!

After the show the kiddos got to go outside to decorate some snakes of their own.

And bow out the candles on Hunter's birthday cake!

Hunter has been practicing his candle blowing skills for about a month now... so we lit the candles a second time and had him blow them out again!

At the end of the event the kiddos all received party favors...

Big kiddos received a bug catching kit and the smallest attendee (almost 4 months old) received a stuffed alligator and a book...

Here are some general photos from the celebration...

Alligator piñata: Amazon
Chocolate Rocks: Amazon
Wooden slices (all from amazon) Here, here, and here
Nuggets: Chick-Fil-A
Cupcakes: Wegmans
Sub: Subway
Cake: IndAroma
Jumper: Little Tikes --- this thing is AMAZING
Wooden snakes to decorate: Amazon
Reptile Show: Reptiles Alive
Invitations and banner- 3 Little Monkeys Studio-- Etsy
Favors: bug Catching kit, Alligator, book

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  1. Julie you are the best! What a great mom- your ideas are so creative. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the details. Love the cake!