Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holly's Baby Shower!

The day before Holly's shower I cleared out our living room... 

and the madness began.... 

Hunter was extremely helpful with the set up... In fact he felt that each chair should have a block... 

The night before I purchased flowers and finished cooking all of the yummy dishes that I could make ahead of time. 

And the next morning we had 18 smiling faces at my house ready to celebrate the pending arrival of Baby Ethan!!!... This is really where I failed to take final pictures of the details of the event but here are some celebratory photos! 

Instead of a cake we did a doughnut hole tower that was drizzled in caramel... Side note... had a TON of doughnuts left over and I tried to make a few recipes out of them and they were all too sweet. Doughnuts are not a good substitution for bread crumbs in a dish. I would have been chopped if on the TV show.

Make the centerpieces the morning of the event

Kim, Purchased this super cute banner from etsy and we figured that Holly and Greg would be able to use it in his room later.

I covered the TV with craft paper and hung a banner over that so that it was not a huge eye sore in the middle of the room.

And here are a few other photos...

Holly and her Aunts!

Holly and her Mom!

And at the end of the event Hunter got to meet Kamden! I was interested to see how he would act with a real baby.

At first he was only interested in the doughnut Holes... but was very interested in looking at him and when Kamden cried he seemed very concerned.

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