Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hunter at 16 Months

Strangely, Hunter almost completely left the holiday decorations alone this year. He sometimes picked up the nutcrackers and carried them around the house. And he liked to look at the tree. But, he didn’t grab anything from the tree or break anything. (So only his mother broke things this year.)

We had several Christmas celebrations this month and Hunter  was a trooper through all of them. It was really nice to see so many family members and friends. He even did great on a long weekend trip to Savannah (We drove and he was awesome!). Of course, he received many generous gifts and even got the hang of unwrapping presents this year.

I was also expecting to see tears when Hunter visited Santa (Twice) but he loved the guy and just tried to play with his beard.

 Okay, I could probably go on and on about Hunter this month. He’s truly developing such a personality and he’s a joy to watch grow and learn.

  • Elmo
  • Sophie (our dog).. In fact he loves to sit on Sophie and She is such a trooper
  • Dancing
  • Legos and Mega Blocks 
  • Snacking.. he runs over to the pantry and points at a snack and says "momo" which means more... he also does the more sign.
  • Breakfast 
  • Walks
  • Eggs of any kind
  • Being told no... especially when it comes to getting out of Sophie's food container. Hunter tries to be SUPER helpful and likes to try to scoop her food and place it in her bowl... which is super sweet EXCEPT Sophie would eat about 10 cups of food a day. 
  • Naps... we are getting to the stage where he fights back a little more when it comes to nap time. I think that we are getting to the point where he will only take one nap a day.
Here are a few photos from the month!

And some special photos from a walk the other day! LOVE his new shoes and how he likes to walk around outside trying to keep steady.


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