Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's just take this a month at a time...

I'm not really one with resolutions... Last year I shared some resolutions and did okay.

I think that for 2014 I'm just going to take it a month at a time. I'm going to get back to a monthly checklist. I did this for about half of 2013 with the Simplify 101 monthly lists and I really felt like a did a lot when I made the list. 

This year I will create my own lists at the beginning of each month.

  1. Put away and organize Holiday Decorations

  2. Send out New Years cards... I was not on the ball this year and missed out on my chance to send Christmas Cards so all can expect a card in the New Year. 

  3. Blog at least three times a week.

  4. Throw an amazing Baby Shower Brunch for Holly!

  5. Complete a few Kitchen projects that I've wanted to do...

    1. Re-Organize Pantry

    2. Change out Kitchen Hardware

    3. Change out pots and Pans with the new ones that we got for Christmas and donate the old. 

    4. Window treatments

    5. Put up the two new pendent lights that i got for Christmas

    6. Add carpet tape to rug so that it doesn't slide around all the time.

I cannot wait to get on some of these projects! 

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