Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Planner!

For over a year I have been a daily reader of I Heart Organizing and I was so excited when Jen shared her Personalized 2013 Planner.
While reading the post I was litterally drooling and wishing that I could have the same system that she had designed for her family. When I finished reading I couldn't resist heading straight to her etsy shop and purchasing the PDF planner! At only $25.00 it was a no brainer!

Her printables include:
Personalized Planner Cover

Special Dates Page -- Perfect for Birthdays!

12 Dated Monthly Calendar Pages

52 weeks of Daily Dated Pages... Complete with a meal organization section.
Notes Page

Weekly Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping Page

My PDF arrived three days after purchased and I couldn't wait to assemble my binder! I probabaly checked my e-mail 100 times while waiting for Jen to e-mail me my personalized planner pages!

From Staples I purchased the Large Arc notepad(Jen used the Martha Stewart version), the arc hole punch,  and the extenders so that my planner could accomidate 150 pages! I love that I will be able to remove/add pages as needed... If I mess up or our calendar changes I can easily reprint that one page and BAM the planner is perfect again!

Here is MY planner!!!

P.S. - I LOVE the arc system and am currently converting my co-workers to use the same!!

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