Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kitchen Organization: Part Two

What What... Two posts in one day!
As I shared here a huge goal for January was to get my kitchen organized! I've already shared how I organized my baking section here and coffee station here... Now for my Kitchen part two post... this baby is a MONSTER!

Matt always asks me why I would share a before picture because there is so much shame in how unorganized we really are at this point... but it isn't worth seeing an after photo if you do know where we are coming from...

For this project... that I actually tackled a few weeks ago (as you can see from the 16 weeks on the chalkboard) I FORGOT to take a before photo... so her is a photo with all of our stuff already pulled out of  the cabinets. Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better people.

The first thing that I did was clear out the cabinet above our wine storage (Sorry no before photos)... We previously had wine glasses up here that we had NEVER used! Off to Salvation Army they will go! I moved all of our call appliances up here to clear up a lower cabinet for Hunter's meal items... more on that later in the post.

Next I took on the junk drawer... here is the "organizer" if you can even call it that in the state that it was in puller right out of the drawer...
and if that does not look disorganized enough... all of the below items also came out of the same drawer... YES all of this crap was just piled in! I mean do we really need FIVE decks of cards upstairs in our kitchen????

Look I even found MONEY! 35 Euro!

Here is the drawer once items were tossed, placed where they belong, and organized!

Now for my Little Man's cabinet! Before we know it Hunter will be joining us at the dining room table! To make our transition easy I've decided to devote a cabinet to Hunter so that all items can be easily accessible. Here you can find our Baby Bullet, Sippy cups, plates, bottles, spoons and bibs.

I love having his bib easily accessible on a command hook attached to the door!

P.S - Look at the super cute plate that Santa brought for Hunter. Santa must know that I love some personalization!

Another drawer that I forgot ot take a proper before photo of... You can kind of see it in my first photo... it was home to 4 different place mats and about 6 different colors of the paper drinking straws with stripes. Once everything was put away in the proper place we were left with a much more functional drawer.

Cleaned out our bread drawer also...

and our dish rag drawer... oh the excitement

Finally I took this time to clear out and organize the space under the wine rack... aka casa de toaster... Here I added our monthly "tickler" files that I discussed here. and created a spot for a notebook, our address book, and thank you notes.
Here is the section of the kitchen that I took on! Now a SUPER ORGANIZED and super clean space. Is it corny that I get excited every time I see this spot in our kitchen?

And here it is with the roll door down...

ehhh... I hate the door/drawer pulls!!!... Also not a fan of the pink counters! But I have to work with what I have... this kitchen does not look too bad for a 16 year old kitchen.

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