Monday, January 28, 2013

Hunter is 19 Weeks

 Hunter turned 19 weeks last Wednesday... yes I'm a little late in posting this!

This week:
  • Hunter sat at the table in his little high chair for the first time during a meal. Hunter really seems to enjoy scooting up to the dinner table and interacting with the family. We opted for a great Fisher Price high chair that attaches directly to a regular seat... More on that product next week when I update Hunter's Favorite things... 
  • Hunter had his first taste of solid food. Hunter had a few little pieces of an organic strawberry and he loved it! We are doing Baby Led Weening which will allow Hunter to "tell us" when he is ready for solids. This will bypass typical "baby food" and will allow Hunter to eat what we eat (with a little extra prep on my end).
  • Hunter turns pages in a book. The other day when Hunter was sitting with me he started to grab the pages of the book we were reading and was turning them himself... of course he was turning at his own rate so we were done with the book SUPER fast. It was just exciting to see that he knows that the next page is there and that he can flip it over.
  • Hunter is tall enough to really JUMP in his jumperoo. Up until this week his feet could hardly touch the ground... and we even put a piece of wood down so that he could stand better. But he was just content with standing and looking at all of the toys around him. Now he will jump up and down yelling!
  • Hunter actually seems to notice Sophie! Little man will now look at Sophie and just stare in amazement. He also now laughs when Sophie gives him a kiss.
  • Hunter is already starting to play favorites. From day one Emma has been a favorite of Hunter's but now he is also starting to show some favoritism in the parent department. Hunter loves it when I kiss on his neck but if Matt gives kisses it is a whole different story! Matt also says that when Hunter cries with him it seems like Hunter will look around the room everywhere 

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  1. Hunter is so cuuuuuuuute! I love the pic of him just chomping on that giant banana. hahaha!