Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Car! Proud Van Owner

I'm excited to share that on New Years Eve we became proud owners of a 2013 Honda Odyssey!

We splurged and got the top off the line/fully loaded model. Matt decided if we were going with a van we better just go all the way!

The main selling features for us were:
  • Blind spot sensors... LOVE
  • Back up sensors and camera
  • Great navigation and sound system
  • Large center console... The Quest had a HORRIBLE console and was immediately out of the running in my mind because of that simple fact
  • Ultra wide rear DVD player which can display two movies (thought that this would be good as we have a large age difference with our children)
  • "High Intensity Discharge" headlights... SUPER powerful!
  • The ability to carry 4'x8' sheets of plywood inside the vehicle (with back seats adjusted)
  • Cooler built into the front. Like this feature for bottles, water bottles, and snacks. Will be useful for days when we have soccer or travel.
  • I love the automatic open/close doors... this is a standard feature on vans but a new one for me. It makes it SOOO much easier to get Hunter's car seat in and out
  • More leg room in the second row. Also a huge one for me as I am often sitting back there in a parking lot feeding Hunter.
Also, my cutie hubby added a few after market items that I'm enjoying... the most notable is the remote start!!! This allows me to start my car 10 minutes before departing each morning (at 5:50 a.m. when it is FREEZING) and it gets my car all toasty!!!

With the new car comes a resolution to KEEP IT CLEAN and ORGANIZED! In the past my vehicles have been a dumping ground. This weekend I plan to work on some little projects for car organization and I will share once they are complete.

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  1. Wow this car is really amazing! With a lot of features to help its owner, who wouldn't want to drive it? It's quite nice to see how far we've come in terms of technology as car makers are able to put a lot of safety features to a car. How is it now? Stay safe on the road, Julie!

    Arlyne Nelms @ Spartan Toyota