Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hunter is 16 Weeks!

This last week Hunter:

  • Rang in the New Year.. here is little man sleeping at midnight
  • Met his Grandpa Tom and Uncle Al for the first time - Matt's dad and one of his brothers came into town from Traverse City, Michigan.

  • Had his first fall... last Thursday Emma was holding Hunter and got a bit distracted by something and put him down on the edge of the sofa for a minute and walked away. Hunter fell off the sofa and landed on the front of his head. (Matt's brother saw the fall but was unable to get to Hunter in time) I heard his first shriek and ran downstairs to see my little man laying face down on the living room carpet screaming. I picked him right up to comfort him and we called his doctor. We watched him for the next 24 hours and didn't let him go right to sleep after the fall. He was a little cranky that afternoon but I think that was due to missing his nap (because we kept him up). Our little man is doing great! Emma was and still is very upset about what happened. We have explained to her that we know that it was an accident and that accidents happen. We also stressed the importance again of placing Hunter in safe locations (for example... his swing) if he needs to be put down. The little guy is growing and will be turning over any day now so we all need to be careful about leaving him unattended. She knows that we are not upset at her and that we all just need to be mindful around the baby.
  • It is currently a guarantee that anything that you hand Hunter will go right into his mouth! I wonder if we will see some teeth soon???
What a cute little man

He has been enjoying his Christmas Gifts

Everything goes right into Hunter's mouth..

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