Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kitchen Organization- Baking Section

One of my goals for January is to work on kitchen organization. I've been taking it one section at a time and the organization is also involving a DEEP CLEAN... removing every drawer/shelf and cleaning each and every crack... I figure that if I'm going to tackle this project that I better do it right!

First section is the drawer and cabinets that are home to our baking supplies. 

Here are our before pics. I have to admit I am not proud of these!

I mean just look at that mess. Things just randomly pilled on other things because there just was not enough room for everything. When we would pull out the drawers in the base cabinet things would constantly fall into the back of the cabinets and things were just generally dysfunctional... we would need to move five things to get to the one item we needed. Horrible!

With everything removed and cleaned I decided to move up the drawers creating a shelf on the bottom of the cabinet. Time to make these babies functional!

On the base I put our baking pans for breads, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, and Emma's new mini doughnut pan. 

Next came the bottom drawer... Here I paced out mixing bowls, glass measuring cups, sifter, and grater... can you believe that previously only the metal mixing bowls could fit in this cabinet! Now that this space is organized I can actually hold more down there! CRAZY! 

And... in went the top drawer with my glass baking dishes. 

Here is our bottom cabinet all nice and organized!!! 

Here is our top drawer organized! All of our mixing utensils  cake decorating supplies and other items! LOVE the organization... I used a Tory Birch shoe box to hold the cake decorating supplies. I just love the graphic colorful designs on the box! 

This is just the beginning! I cannot wait to finish the kitchen and share all of the details with you!

What are you organizing these days?

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