Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Coffee Station Update

Over the weekend I tackled a quick and easy coffee station update and wanted to share!

This is what our coffee station started out looking like... not too bad... but I hated that you could see all of the cords on the back and we had to have it pulled out to the edge of the counter so that you could lift up the lid and insert the K-Cups...

Oh and you my be interested to know that the cords in the back are actually to the waterline that my SUPER AMAZING hubby installed! No filling up our water reservoir each day! Just ignore the fact that we still need to repaint the wall!

And for my simple update... by moving the K-Cup dispenser to the side of the machine we are now able to open and close the top while tucked neatly under the counter!

I love that it clears up space AND hides all the cords behind the machine. Everything just seems a little neater to me.

Here is a close up!

Now I feel like the Logan's Roadhouse container sticks out... This is where we toss our used K-Cups

So I ripped of the label... But that was just plain and boring

So I cut some vinyl on my Silhouette Machine...
Did you tackle any quick updates over the three day weekend?

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