Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I am not very good with resolutions but I'm really going to try this year...
  1. Work on home organization... I'm secretly not as organized as I let on. In January and February I would really like to get on track with this.
  2. Implement a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal Cleaning plan and STICK TO IT.... or just straighten up on a daily basis and get a maid... I'm shooting for the second option.
  3. Work out at least twice a week... I'm aiming small on this one. Currently I do not work out at all. I would also like to do the push up challenge starting in January... where I go from being able to do 5 push-ups to 40. I need to build my arms because those car seats are NOT light.
  4. To not get into a car accident. Sadly I do not think that I've ever gone a year without a finder bender...
  5. Keep up with Blogging! I've really enjoyed having the time to blog since having Hunter and I hope to stick with it in the New Year! My goal is to do 3-5 posts a week. With going back to work full time it might be a stretch but I figured I would include it as a resolution.
  6. Complete the Master Bathroom renovation. This is something that has been on our home improvement list since we purchased the home over two years ago.. In fact I have everything picked out and our vanity is already purchased... we just need to take the plunge as it will be a huge DIY project. Complete with heated floors :-) I think that we have mainly put off this project because it has the potential to get OUT OF CONTROL as we had an a/c leak above our bathroom a few months ago and we are terrified what that might mean of our walls. But that is also a reason to GET IT DONE ALREADY!
  7. Start renovating the front of our house. Another HUGE project which will expand our drive way, create a retaining wall by the street to build out our front yard, remove trees, Build out our entry way to create proper entry with double doors, coat closet/mud room area and different stairs leading up to our main floor and down to the basement... Yes this is a HUGE undertaking but will be part 1 of our 5 part master plan for our home. This is our forever home and when purchasing we created plan so that it could grow to accommodate our growing family.
  8. Take time for my family! Saved the best for last! Work can often times be CRAZY and can occupy all of my time but it is so important to create wonderful memories with my family and children. This year I resolve to take my time off and just be with my family. Planned so far is a Ski trip to Colorado in March and a Traverse City vacation in the summer. I also hope to add a 5 day camping/hiking trip with Matt in the fall. I'm thinking that we could do this after Hunter's 1st birthday and it can be a little escape for the two of us.
What are your resolutions for the New Year!

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