Friday, January 11, 2013

Hunter is 17 weeks!

Hard to believe that Saturday will mark 4 months!

Hunter is getting so big! We are now fully fitting into 3-6 months clothes... though Daddy is still in denial that his little man is getting bigger and Matt will still try to cram him into a 0-3 month outfit. The 3-6 moth clothes make him look like such a big boy also! I love his little heart breaker outfit above from GAP.

Hunter drools ALL THE TIME. I keep feeling around in his mouth but I'm not feeling any teeth yet.

This is my first full week back at work work 8 hours for all 5 days... it is an adjustment and when I get home I am just so happy to see my little man that all I want to do is snuggle and spend time with him. This makes cleaning up around the house VERY difficult. Our first feeding after work has also started to be a "playtime" for Hunter... it is so funny. Any time I speak Hunter stops eating and just stares at me, laughs and tries to talk back.

Hunter went 10 Hours without getting up in the middle of the night! Our best night sleep yet!

Hunter is also starting to take an interest in other toys! He loves the jumperoo that he received for Christmas (Found on craigs list! Only $35... and YES I sanitized it!) and will now typically bounce while the family eats dinner.

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