Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen: Pantry Organization

As I mentioned this morning, my kitchen is organized and clean!!!! yay!One large part of that was my pantry...

The pantry has been a sore spot in our house. I had organized the pantry about a year ago and during that time I had painted the walls a light blue... I love the way that it added some interest to the pantry. Matt of course thought that I was crazy putting in the effort of painting since this is a space that NO ONE sees... but I see it... and it makes me happy to see the little pop of color each time I open this door. That is until the pantry turned into a disorganized heap. It was getting out of hand and to the point where I was purchasing things that we already had.


Things were just being thrown into the pantry with no structure and things were mounting.

First, I completely emptied the pantry and just started over. Here is the result!!

It is so nice that everything now has a spot and we can easily tell what we have on hand!


  1. Good job! I recently did this too and used a couple of those riser style shelf organizers. They really help a lot!

    1. Thanks Liz! It makes a HUGE difference! Matt is a much happier hubby now!