Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hunter is 20 Weeks Old

20 Weeks Old!!

This week:

  • Hunter rolled over!!! In the middle of the night I went to pick up Hunter for a feeding and I found that he was not as I left him... He rolled over! So exciting
  • Hunter LOVES some banana! Lots of photos below! I couldn't pick just one. He doesn't really eat very much right now it is more about the smells and textures of the foods. Also, Dinner is a time where Hunter obsesses over his big sister. Emma sits across from him and Hunter just looks at her the whole meal. He loves her sooo much!
  • Little Jumping Bean!!! Little man has taken his love for jumping to a new level... now he will jump like crazy even if we are just holding him on our lap 
  • Hunter celebrates his big sister... Emma's indoor soccer team had their first victory in three seasons!! Emma was even in goal the second half and only let in one goal. She was a super star.

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