Friday, May 3, 2013

You've got Mail!

Last weekend we completed a project that we had been putting off for TWO years!!!

We replaced our mailbox... this thing was sad looking!

Matt happily removed the top... so dramatic

And... we were left with this medal post...

Rusty AND very dirty!

So my cute Hubby ran to Home Depot for me and picked up a new grinding plate

and installed it so that we could remove all of the rust and grime from the mailbox post

Matt taught me how to use the grinder... 

And I took over... Yes! I am grinding in a dress, leggings, and running shoes. DIY isn't always a pretty thing! I typically just add on some shoes and wear whatever I'm already in that day. This is why I end up getting paint all over everything! 

 After Matt taking over to finish the job... It was HARD WORK! the post didn't look very pretty but it was smooth!

 Let the painting begin! I used Rust-Oleum black spray paint that it meant for the outdoors.

Looking better already... 

Matt installed our numbers!!! 

I finished up the project by planting a few little flowers on the base of the mailbox! 

A little side by side for you... MUCH BETTER

While I had the spray paint out I decided to also give this lamp in our yard a little love... 

It needed it... Here is a close up... 

 Three Minutes Later!!! AHHH I love spray paint!
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  1. This was a great makeover! Our mailbox is looking pretty sad too right now and I've been wanting to replace it. This gives me some good motivation! Thanks for stopping by and sharing it!

  2. YOU can do almost anything with a spray can of paint . . . nice work. Looks good. Love your postings btw.