Monday, February 25, 2013

Master Bedroom: Ceiling Light

I'm back with another Master bedroom update...

My cute hubby was out of town skiing over the weekend so that meant that I was a busy mommy at home... and that I Might have taken on a few projects that Matt told me not to... He is happy with the results so it is a win win...

Here was our Master Bedroom at the start of the month...

To see  our progress in the room so far visit here, here, and here...

Over the weekend I decided to change out the light...  My dream light from Pottery Barn was this $149 Mercury Glass flush mount... but I was very worried about the amount of light that this would give.

So I hit up my local Home Depot and came home with the Hampton Bay Grace Semi-Flush Mount Fixture for $69.97...

I am fully aware that the above picture looks like a ram... but I saw the light in person and it won me over...  I liked the Rubbed Bronze Finish and the seeded glass.

Only problem is that I have NO idea how to switch out a light fixture and well I didn't want to wait for Matt to get home because he had previously vetoed replacing this fixture... 

So that is where this guy comes in... MY AWESOME DAD!

Byebye Ugly fixture... 

Safety First people... Turn off the electricity in the room that you are changing out your fixture in... and bring in another light source so you can see what you are doing. 

Remove the old fixture

Unscrew the flush mount from the ceiling

Carefully Uncap the wires and unscrew the ground wire that it attached to the center of the fixture mount.

This should be what you are left with

Next my dad removed the metal fixture holder as the crews did not line up properly with our new fixture and replaced with the one that came with the light... I think that in most cases you would just be able to leave the old one...

From this point you will need to follow the directions for your own light as all are different Screwed on the center metal piece that holds our new light. 
Cap the wires together again and screw in the ground wire... Red & Black are screwed together and  whites go together.

Attach Flush Mount to the ceiling

 Add light bulbs and glass cover

Now look at it and smile... or cringe because you can see the white light bulbs... Time to go back to Home Depot for some clear bulbs!
Thanks DAD!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I just ordered the chandelier made by Hampton Bay, but it's too large for my foyer. This may be my next best option. I saw it online, but wanted to get a better picture and found your blog. Not sure if you found different bulbs, but have you considered using Edison Bulbs? I think the would look great in there. Thanks again for your post!!!

  2. Hi! I came across your blog as I am trying to get the exact same light cover off to replace bulbs (keeping the old ugly light for now!). :) But for the life of me, I cannot get the glass off/out from the silver claws. Do you (or your awesome dad) remember how you removed the glass dome cover? Thank you!

    1. Laura- pull out on the silver claws and one is on a spring and it will expand our to allow for you to remove the dome.

    2. Thank you Laura for asking and Julie for giving the answer (and putting up this blog post in the first place!) about how to remove one of these light covers! My husband and I were going nuts trying to get a cover like this off of our kitchen light to replace a bulb. You have saved us from living in dimness! :-)

    3. Thank you Laura for asking the question & thank you Julie for responding (and blogging about this, with photos, in the first place)... My husband and I were going crazy trying to remove this light cover from our kitchen ceiling to replace one of the bulbs. I just stumbled across your blog while I was Googling images of light fixtures to try to find one that looked like ours. You have saved us from the dark side! (Or at least the dim side.) :-)